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FaerieCon 2007 Photo's

Shhhhhhhh...The Faeries are back from FaerieCon 2007. Gently folding their tired wings they have fallen deeply into
a peaceful slumber. Visions of future faerie gatherings to come have taken over their dreams.

The first World FaerieCon took place on the east coast October 12th thru 14th, 2007 in Philadelphia, Pa with great success!

The world's best writers, artists, story tellers, musicians, thing makers and faeries enchanted nearly 8,000 visitors who attended the event! Brian & Wendy Froud charmed the crowds with their faerie know-how and signed books, posters and other Froudian items. Other guest Artists and Authors joined the Frouds in their conversation with the masses.

Creatures from the far reaches of the forests floors came out to play, while ethereal voices echoed through out the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Childrens laughter filled the air, oh what a lovely weekend it was, fun was had by all!


And the Faeries Gathered...
Set up day Friday, October 12th, 2007
FaerieCon Photos Page 2
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A sincere thank you to my beautiful faerie assisants, Melissa and Marcie. You made the weekend magical and fun for everyone who's hearts you touched, especially mine!
Thank you to Jeff (above) for helping the crew navigate their way thru Philli!