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I am truly pleased that Hannie Sarris has done such wonderful things to support artists from around the globe. Her books are written with great skill and are full of great step-by-step photo tutorials. I recommend them to anyone who really wants to learn the craft of paper clay. I own all of her books and also recently purchased her "Fairy Skin Paints." She has developed and created wonderful colors with a great consistancy that are soft and beautiful. Please do check them out when you get the opportunity, they are well worth it! An extra added bonus is a great hard plastic insert that snaps back into the top of the bottle before you put the lid on for extra protection from drying out.

Click here to go to Hannie's Website for more information and how to purchase her lovely paints!
Click here to go to Hannies website for more infomation about how to purchase the new special edition of her book Fairy Fantasy Dollmaking!
I feel it is pertinant to our trade, craft/art to support the people who go to great lengths to keep our particular art alive.