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On a perfectly crisp fall day when I was fifteen years old, all was well in my world. I was happily skipping down a street in my neighborhood, watching how the sun was shining through the treetops and how the leaves seemed to come to life as the wind rustled through them. Vibrant shades of deep crimson, brown and dark burgundy overshadowed the golden yellow, and pale blush colored leaves. Along the roadside I noticed a big beautiful tree in the front yard of a quaint old stone cottage. As I skipped past, I saw a petite, tired looking old woman out in her yard, wearing a long fancy housedress, raking the fallen leaves. I smiled at her and with all my youthful vigor, exclaimed, “Hello!” She returned a shy smile as I continued to skip happily along. After several skips past her something compelled me to turn around and look at her again. When I did, her chin was resting on her hands as she was leaning on her rake, and looking in my direction. She seemed to be daydreaming and it looked as if 45 years lifted off of her face. She actually looked young again. I yelled out, “Have a beautiful day!” as I waved while skipping backwards. Her eyes sparkled, her wrinkles seemed to disappear and her bashful grin grew into a beautiful sweet smile. The energy between old and new became one of just sheer joy. From that day forward I learned how much a smile could affect another human soul. I feel so fortunate that I have the ability to see and cherish the beauty woven throughout the tapestry of my life. I remembered her, all these years later, with great fondness. It is my pleasure to introduce to you La Belle Madame DeFiore. (The Beautiful Mrs.
DeFiore). Her beauty touched my soul and my youth seemed to touch her heart.

written by: Angela Giovanna Loroux

La Belle Madame DeFiore
La Belle Madame Defiore is a full body sculpture made out of Premo Polymer Clay, glass eyes, and Angora Mohair.. She stands approximately 22" high and stands on a 1 1/2 inch stone base.
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